We are Bank Norwegian

Bank Norwegian offer simple and transparent consumer loans, savings accounts, insurances, and credit cards. We create user-friendly products with no hidden fees. We have 1,7 million customers across Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Germany, and Spain.
Bank Norwegian is a branch of Nordax Bank AB (publ).

What we do

We use and develop the newest technology, automation, self-help services and our app to improve the customer experience.

Our goal is to offer user-friendly products that is a competitive supplement to traditional banks.

We provide digital financing solutions

Bank Norwegian provides digital, secure and user-friendly financing solutions for customers. As a customer of Bank Norwegian, you can be sure to have a transparent product that makes it easy to be in control of your finances.

Our history

Bank Norwegian was established in November 2007, and we launched the Bank Norwegian Card in Norway in 2010. Since then, the bank expanded to Sweden and continued with growth in the Nordics as we launched in Denmark and Finland. In 2021, we launched our digital services in Germany and Spain.

In November 2021, the Swedish bank Nordax AB became sole owner of Bank Norwegian and in November the two banks merged, and Bank Norwegian became a branch of Nordax Bank AB. Together with Nordax, we will continue to grow as the digital leader for personal loans, credit cards and savings accounts in Europe.